How Do You Get Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Replacement Parts?

Hampton Bay patio furniture is primarily distributed by Home Depot. It sells replacement components both online and at its physical locations. For brand-specific replacement parts, visit the Hampton Bay Customer Service page on the Home Depot website. Other stores sell a range of parts as well.

Identifying the make and model of the patio furniture in question is the first step in finding the right replacement part. You can quickly retrieve the serial number of your product by following the instructions on the Home Depot website. Finding the appropriate replacement components is a pretty simple issue of looking through available items with that information.

For parts that you can’t find through an internet search, the Home Depot website has links to the Hampton Bay customer care department. Hampton Bay ships a wide range of replacement parts directly and is well-versed in warranty replacement alternatives. It’s helpful to have your store receipt, owner’s manual, and any other information about the goods on hand before phoning customer support.

Other internet vendors, such as Patio Components Pro, may have suitable replacements, but they rarely have brand-specific parts. Instead, they sell aftermarket replacements for OEM parts and accessories.

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