How Do You Get Exp Share on “Pokemon Pearl”?

Both Jubilife City and Eterna City include the Exp. Share item, which lets Pokemon holding it to acquire experience even if they aren’t utilised in combat. It is possible to obtain both in a single game. The player must have at least 30 Pokemon to receive the one in Eterna City, while having a huge collection of Pokemon improves their chances of obtaining the one in Jubilife City.

After adding at least 30 Pokemon to your Pokedex, visit Eterna City.

After seeing and entering at least 30 Pokemon into the Pokedex, the player should proceed to Eterna City via the Cycling Road or Route 26. Professor Rowan’s helper can be found in the building at the city’s entrance; he will reward the player with an Experience Share upon completion.

Explore Jubilife City

To acquire the second Experience Share, players must first travel to Jubilife City. It’s accessible through Routes 202, 203, 204, and 218. Once you arrive at Jubilife City, proceed to the television station.

Bet on the lottery

Inside the television station, the Pokemon Lottery Corner may be found. Each day, a lottery number will be selected at random. The player will receive an Exp. Share if the first three digits of the ID number of a Pokemon they possess match the digits in the random number.


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