How Do You Get Ensure for Free?

To obtain free Ensure, visit and for a variety of coupons and savings possibilities. As of 2016, also offers many coupon choices for free Ensure products.

Ensure is a brand of nutritional liquid supplements that was introduced in 1973. The brand’s beverage is available in a number of flavours and sizes, and its primary purpose is to offer users with essential vitamins, minerals, calories, and proteins as a dietary supplement. It is intended for consumption between or during meals, and some individuals may rely only on the beverage for nutrients.

The beverage adheres to religious consumption requirements and is suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals. In addition to enjoying the beverages as packaged, consumers can combine them with a variety of other ingredients to create recipes. The Ensure website provides a variety of smoothie and drink recipes that feature the Ensure drink as a key component, including the Berry Sunrise Smoothie, the PB & J Shake, the Banana Smoothie, and the Rich Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie. The beverage can also be used as an ingredient in a variety of entrees and appetisers, including turkey chilli with cornbread topping, chicken tortilla soup, and cheddar turkey quiche.


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