How Do You Find the Highest Paying Recycling Centers in Your Area?

Search the Yellow Pages or Earth911 for recycling centres in your area to find them, then get in touch with each business to ask about buying rates for the recyclables you’re recycling. By specifying the type of object you’re recycling, such as glass or metal, Earth911 lets you focus your search.

Non-ferrous metals are less useful to recycle than ferrous metals, which are metals containing iron. A simple test to see if you have a ferrous metal is to see if a magnet will stick to it; if it does, you do. Iron, steel, and other ferrous metals come in a variety of forms and are frequently found in tools, hardware, and automobiles. Copper, brass, and aluminium are a few popular non-ferrous metals.

Copper, which is used in electrical wire, plumbing pipes, and Christmas tree lights, is the most precious scrap metal to recycle. Brass, a material that may be found in typical home products like lighting fixtures and keys, is the second most valuable scrap metal to recycle.

Cans and bottles can both be recycled. The state pays five to ten cents for empty bottles and cans under certain states’ bottle bills. Empty bottles can be conveniently recycled at bottle return centres, which are devices that accept your things and provide you a voucher that can be exchanged for cash.


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