How Do You Find Previous School Teachers?

Visit a website such as and search for the teacher’s name, or call the school to determine whether the teacher is still there. Some schools employ personnel to maintain current records on school alumni and previous teachers. Other methods include checking Facebook for the teacher or a former classmate who might be able to assist.

Follow the steps below to locate a past instructor on

Visit the website.
Visit and select Find Your Teacher from the menu.

Select a location
Select the location of the previous school from the drop-down menu, followed by the desired school from the second drop-down menu.

Choose the instructor
Select the teacher’s name to access additional details.

If necessary, repeat steps.
Not all teachers have pages. Repeat the steps on another website, such as, if the desired teacher is not listed.

Alumni can also search for their old teachers on the website of their prior school. If the teachers are still employed at the institution, their contact information may be included. If not, alumni can contact the school’s administrator to determine whether specific professors’ contact information has been updated.


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