How Do You Find Out in Which County an Address Is Located?

Entering a ZIP code into a database such as or will provide the county where an address is located. These websites provide the county name or Federal Information Processing Standard code associated with a certain city or ZIP code.

Depending on its size, a city may exist in multiple counties. By entering the city name, enables users to know which county a city is located in. Click the applicable state on the map, then input the city to find the corresponding county(ies). Portland, Oregon, for instance, is partially located in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties.

Entering a ZIP code into the search form on and selecting to display the county’s name and FIPS code enables you to identify the county that corresponds to a ZIP code. When a valid ZIP code is entered, the matching city, state, and county names and FIPS code are displayed. For instance, the 97204 ZIP code is located in Oregon’s Multnomah County.

If the ZIP code is not contained in an address, the search function on the website of the United States Postal Service allows users to enter a street address in order to locate the corresponding ZIP code. Additionally, the address is displayed using common abbreviations.


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