How Do You Find Mugshots for Inmates at Tygart Valley Regional Jail?

Tygart Valley Regional Jail inmates receive mugshots from the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Regional Facility. Some mugshot repository sites, such as, grab mugshots from the website of the jail or prison and post them on their own sites.

To view booking photos of inmates in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, visit and select Inmate Search from the main menu. Enter at least three characters of the inmate’s first and last name, the security code as displayed on the screen, and then press the Search button. The online system displays the names that correspond to the inputted data. The WVRJA internet search engine only provides information about inmates currently housed in one of the jail system’s facilities, such as the Tygart Valley Regional Jail. If the inmate has only recently been admitted to the facility, the booking photo is occasionally unavailable.

Some online mugshot databases, such as, publish booking images of prisoners. Go to and choose West Virginia from the list of states to view the mugshots of TVRJ convicts. Click TVRJ beneath an inmate’s booking photo to view the mugshots of those booked at the TVRJ institution. To verify the accuracy of the information on, visit the WVRJA website.


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