How Do You Find Local Fueling Stations That Sell Kerosene?

Typically, hardware stores, petrol stations, and car repair businesses sell kerosene fuel. It can be sold in both pre-packaged and bulk quantities. You can locate gas stations that sell kerosene using online locators or the yellow pages. Some petroleum companies, such as Sunoco, provide online location directories.

Kerosene is a heating fuel derived from petroleum distillation. Today, it is employed for both jet engines and home heating. It is sold in blue containers instead of red gasoline containers and is less combustible than gasoline. Additionally, kerosene is regulated and sold differently than gasoline, therefore gas stations that sell gasoline may not necessarily also sell kerosene.

Be sure to purchase kerosene exclusively from vendors who sell state-certified 1-K grade kerosene. Unlabeled kerosene has the potential to be unstable and hazardous. Keep kerosene in a separate container from gasoline and other forms of fuel.

Only use new, sealed blue kerosene containers to store kerosene. Using alternative containers, such as metal, glass, or used containers, can contaminate the kerosene or endanger individuals who handle the containers. When storing kerosene, make sure the canisters are properly sealed. Kerosene can be stored for one to three months; however, it should not be stored for an extended period of time, as old kerosene can damage heating systems.

Sunoco’s Store & Gas Station Locator is an online utility navigation tool that allows users to search for and locate convenience stores and gas stations in any region of the United States. Sunoco Inc. is an American manufacturer of petroleum and petrochemicals based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

To utilise the Locator feature, visit and click on the tab labelled Gas Station Locator in the upper-right corner of the site. The tool includes a list of all states displayed as clickable links, a search bar for inputting search location information such as the street address, state, and city or ZIP code, and a drop-down menu for setting the search radius. To refine the search, the website also provides a list of checkboxes with various search-related qualities, such as diesel fuel, kerosene, car wash, ATM, and vehicle wash.

To locate the closest gas stations that sell kerosene, enter a city, state, or ZIP code, along with a search radius and the kerosene checkbox. The website generates a list of all gas stations in the selected area that sell kerosene.


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