How Do You Determine the Value of Duck House Dolls?

A Duck House doll’s worth is determined by its outward appearance, as well as by the logo and collector numbers stamped on the doll’s back. Additionally, each doll ought to have an authenticity certificate.

Duck House is inscribed over the bottom third of the image of a feather that serves as the Duck House Corporation’s emblem. Under the logo are the words Heirloom Dolls and a pair of numerals divided by a slash. Before the slash, there are three or four digits, and there are four digits after. It was once thought by collectors that these numbers indicated the identity of the doll, but it has since been learned that they actually describe the numbering scheme for various doll designs. In other words, 001/5,000 designates the first of 5,000 dolls of the same design that were created. The doll is likely to be worth more to collectors the lower the number in the first set of digits.

When determining the doll’s price, the authenticity certificate is crucial. Each certificate attests to the doll’s genuine Duck House Doll status. It includes the name of the doll and the sequence number that matches the number stamped on the doll’s neck. Mei Lien Chang, vice president of Duck House Dolls, has signed each certificate. Without a certificate, the doll’s value diminishes substantially.


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