How Do You Determine a Maytag Wringer Washer’s Value?

Use websites like Yakaz, AntiqueSearcher, and eBay to find out how much an antique Maytag wringer washer is worth. Maytag wringer washers that run on gas are typically more expensive than those that run on electricity. The cheapest Maytag wringer washer costs roughly $25.

Maytag wringer washers with a solid, one-piece design were manufactured after 1927 but before WWII. Between 1921 and 1926, two-piece appliances with riveted top and bottom pieces were commonly produced. Maytag built its last wringer washer in 1983.

Yakaz is a classifieds website that has listings from all across the United States. Maytag wringer washers sell for $47 for a vintage Maytag country house wringer type washing machine to $2,000 for an antique Maytag gasoline driven model 30/31 wringer washer on the website as of 2015.

There are a lot of Maytag wringer washer entries on AntiqueSearcher. AntiqueSearcher allows potential purchasers to bid on goods, causing prices to fluctuate. A 1950s Maytag model E2L wringer washer costs $150, whereas a 1927 Maytag wringer washer with a guarantee bond costs $400 as of 2015.

Maytag wringer washers have over 300 listings on eBay as of 2015. Prices range from $100 for an electric Maytag wringer washer to $2,000 for an exceptional condition gas powered Maytag wringer washer.

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