How Do You Define a Sandy Brown Hair Color?

Allure notes that sandy brown hair colour is a blend of blonde and brown hair. People with this hair colour may have medium brown hair as the dominant colour, with lighter strands that mitigate the brown’s darkness. They may also have hair that is nearly a uniform shade of light brown without highlights.

Although sandy brown hair is not technically blonde, it is frequently referred to as dark blonde. This is especially true for individuals who spend a great deal of time in the sun, as sun exposure causes light streaks that lighten the overall appearance of the hair. On hair colour charts, the distinction between light brown and dark blonde is frequently minimal.

The lighter shades of brown hair are referred to as ash, caramel, honey, and gold. People with light brown hair typically have a mixture of these hues naturally, which can be improved by a professional in a hair salon or at home with a colour kit.

When dark-haired individuals choose to lighten their hair, they frequently begin by adding lighter streaks and tips and continue until they achieve the optimal shade for their skin tone. Since really dark hair can be ageing on certain skin tones, it is usual for brunettes who like their black hair to have the sections around their face lightened with a variety of sandy-brown tints.


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