How Do You Customize Your Mask in “Payday 2”?

In order to customise a mask in “Payday 2,” you must first acquire a colour scheme, a material, and a pattern, as well as an empty mask space in your inventory. To design a mask, choose from the available resources in the mask customization menu.

For the player to build the mask, she must have sufficient funds and inventory space. Choose a mask and a colour scheme from the mask creation page to begin the customization process. Next, select a pattern from the available selections, then finish by selecting a material. Save the mask, and it can be utilised in future tasks.

Up to four players can participate in numerous virtual heists throughout the game world, using either subtlety or raw force to commit the robbery. In each case, players don unique masks that conceal their identities from non-player characters and factor into the mission’s ultimate score. While the game rewards players with various masks for completing particular tasks or scoring highly in various missions, players can acquire the appropriate components to make their own masks. Each component may only be used once on a single mask, and unique masks become inaccessible after each heist.


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