How Do You Cross Reference GM Parts Numbers?

On the Part Number Search page of, you may cross-reference GM component numbers by entering the part number and the vehicle’s manufacture. Before giving particular part details, the site performs a cross-reference on the given part number. The site searches a comprehensive library that includes defunct GM brands.

General Motors (GM) is a Detroit, Michigan-based American vehicle manufacturer. The global firm manufactures and sells vehicles and automotive components under numerous brand names and models across the globe. is the national website for a company situated in McAllen, Texas that manufactures GM parts. The website guarantees the availability of all GM parts, including those for defunct GM brands. The large library of GM parts maintained by enables customers to cross-reference all types of car parts.

Before entering the component number for a match, the website needs the user to select the vehicle’s make from a list of GM brands. After conducting a catalogue search, the website displays various information about the component, including the component’s name and an online price indicating its availability. Additionally, offers help via phone and email, allowing users to contact the company for extra part information.


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