How Do You Cross Reference ACDelco Parts?

ACDelco provides a cross-reference tool on its website, which can be accessed by visiting and selecting the “Parts Information” link at the top of the page. To access the search feature, click “Search Parts Catalog” in the drop-down menu and then “Search By Competitive Part #.” Finally, input the part number and manufacturer to find suitable ACDelco replacement parts.

ACDelco provides maintenance and repair components for GM and other automobiles. The ACDelco catalogue comprises over 90,000 items, ranging from radiators and alternators to automobile batteries and oil filters.

ACDelco’s ties to the GM brand date back to 1908, when both General Motors and the AC spark plug division were founded. William Durant, the founder of GM, established United Motors firm in 1916 to supply parts for GM vehicles. Among its divisions was Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company, or Delco. In 1974, United Motors was renamed AC-Delco following a series of name changes. In 1995, the hyphen was eliminated. also contains a section on car maintenance and a troubleshooting guide for common issues. This section provides guidance on safe driving, maintenance, and what to do following an accident.


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