How Do You Convert Cc to Oz?

Converting from cubic centimetres to ounces can be intimidating at first, given that you must convert a cubed quantity to a different unit of measure. One cubic centimetre is equivalent to 1 millilitre. If so, you can use the millilitre to ounce conversion factor, where 1 millilitre is equivalent to.0338 ounces or 1 ounce is equal to 29.57 millilitres.

Enter the conversion formula

Try converting 7 millilitres (which is equivalent to 7 centimetres cubed) to ounces as an example. Set out the problem as 7 millilitres multiplied by 1 ounce divided by 29.57 millilitres. Use the alternative conversion factor: 7 millilitres x .0338 ounces / 1 millilitre.

Cancel common elements

The corresponding units are the common factors. At this stage, they must be eliminated in order to proceed with the problem. In both instances, millilitres are the common factor since they appear on the opposite sides of the multiplication sign on the inverse side of the fraction. The expressions are 7 x 1 ounce / 29.57 or 7 x.0338 ounces after cancellation. In the second example, you do not need to use 1 as the denominator because 1 is always inferred.

Calculate the solution

The final stage consists of doing the arithmetic. Include the remaining unit, ounces in this case, in your answer. 7 x 1 ounce / 29.57 = .237 ounces. 7 x.0338 oz. equals.237 oz.


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