How Do You Convert Candlepower to Lumens?

Both candlepower and lumens are measures of light, however they assess distinct aspects of illumination. Candlepower is converted to lumens by multiplying the candlepower by 12.57. The obtained number represents the lumen equivalent.

Learn the definitions of lumens and candlepower

Candlepower, sometimes referred to as candela, is the basic unit of photometry. Candlepower is a unit of light intensity that measures the quantity of light generated at the source. Beyond that, it does not account for the direction or quality of light. Lumens quantify the quantity of light that illuminates an object. Lumens are technically sophisticated units of measurement since they take into consideration human sensitivity to overall electromagnetic radiation, but you can simply think of them as the whole amount of visible light.

Beginning with the number of candlepower

Determine the total candlepower that must be converted. This represents the starting point.

multiplicated by 12.57

Multiply the initial number by 12.57. The solution is the number of lumens that corresponds to the first value, the candlepower. Now you are aware of how much visible light correlates to a given amount of emitted light. Divide the starting number of lumens by 12.57 to obtain the corresponding number of candlepower.


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