How Do You Convert BTU to CFM?

To convert Btu per hour to CFM per minute, divide the Btu energy transfer rate by one hundred thousand. Multiply the outcome by 96.7 In order to determine the gas transfer rate in cubic feet per minute, divide the value by 60.

The Btu must be divided by 100,000 because a therm has 100,000 Btu. The volume of one therm of gas is 96.7 cubic feet. This figure is commonly approximated to be 100 cubic feet rather than the more precise 96.7 cubic feet since it is typically a simpler number to employ in mathematical computations; nonetheless, the outcome would be more of an estimate than a precise value. This equation’s solution is divided by 60, as there are sixty minutes in an hour. The conversion between Btu and CFM is achievable because the energy of a gas is equal to its volume.

The therm is the most prevalent unit for measuring natural gas. When the quantity of therms exceeds 100,000, Btu are used. In addition to being equivalent to 100,000 therms, the Btu is also equivalent to 105.5 megajoules and 29.3 kilowatt-hours.


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