How Do You Check a MoneyPak Balance?

MoneyPak prepaid card balances can be checked via SMS text message or by phone. Green Dot issued MoneyPak cards, which is where the balance may be viewed.

MoneyPak balances can be viewed at any time, including after additional funds have been added. Typically, the telephone message or text message displaying the balance will reflect the total balance, including any new funds. Generally, checking a balance is a simple operation that should take no more than a few minutes. Here are the most common ways to check an account’s balance:

Verify by telephone

Checking the balance over the phone requires dialling the customer support number located on the card’s back.

Verify by SMS

SMS text service may also be employed. The service is automated, so it can be utilised at any time. The procedure is carried out using a regular mobile phone. The cardholder is required to send a text message to 43411. The message should contain “BAL” followed by a space and the cardholder’s MoneyPak prepaid card’s last four digits. For example, “BAL 1234.” Green Dot, the card service provider, will then send a text message containing the current balance.


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