How Do You Call a Restricted Number Back?

After receiving a restricted call on a cell phone or landline, dialling *69 to call back a restricted number is available. This only applies when no more calls have been made or received since the restricted contact.

A limited number or private number is one that the caller has blocked purposely for personal reasons. This stops the caller’s number from being displayed on caller ID, and it is not logged in missed call logs or voicemail messages. Unless other methods of contact are available or the recipient has the caller’s contact information, it is difficult to get back in touch with the caller after receiving such messages.

If neither of these circumstances apply, it is feasible to redial the limited number as long as the phone has not been used since the restricted call was received. Since the restricted number, no voicemails are retrieved, no outgoing calls are made, and no incoming calls are captured. Simply calling *69 will connect the caller to the last line that established a connection with the desired cell phone or land line. This is effective in the majority of instances but incurs use fees, depending on service provider and carrier constraints.


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