How Do You Calibrate a Bathroom Scale to Ensure Accuracy?

To precisely calibrate a digital bathroom scale, place it on a flat surface and press down with one foot. Remove your foot when zeros or dashes show, and the scale is calibrated when it shuts off. The method differs based on the scale.

For some digital scales, you must click a button labelled “Cal,” “Function,” or “Mode” to enter calibration mode. Some models have an automated calibration function that resets the scale to zero whenever the user steps off or removes all weight. Analog scales are calibrated manually. Some of these scales must be calibrated by removing the main casing and adjusting a spring, while others utilise a dial or a knob.

To test the accuracy of a scale, locate an object whose weight you already know and weigh it on the scale. Common home items that mention their weight include dumbbells, bowling balls, and certain food packaging, such as bags of flour.

Scales function most efficiently when placed on a hard surface. If you shift your weight while standing on the scale, the reading will be erroneous. Inaccurately calibrated scales can be inaccurate by five to ten pounds. Scales tend to lose precision over time.


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