How Do You Block a Number With *67?

The caller ID of the person you are contacting will read “private number” instead of your phone number if you dial *67 straight before dialling a phone number. When dialling *67 prior to a phone number, caller ID is momentarily blocked for calls to businesses and individuals, but not for calls to toll-free numbers or emergency services.

In the settings of your iPhone or Android phone, you may also prevent your number from being displayed on caller ID. Select Phone from the Settings menu on your iPhone, then select Show My Caller ID. You can then opt to display or conceal your number on caller ID. Except for Verizon Wireless, this iPhone feature is supported by all carriers.

If you have an Android device, select Settings after opening the Menu. Select Additional Settings after selecting Call Settings. Check the Caller ID box. Here, you will have the option to hide your number, display your number, or restore this setting to the network default, which will result in your number being displayed on caller ID.

If users request this service, cell phone providers can also permanently remove caller ID. The customer support numbers of different carriers vary, although dialling 611 normally works in the United States and Canada. Although permanent caller ID banning is irreversible, entering *82 prior to a phone number briefly enables caller ID.


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