How Do Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?

Depending on their beliefs, traditions, and cultural influences, Muslims celebrate birthdays in a broad variety of ways. According to The Times of India, some extremely orthodox Muslims do not celebrate birthdays, neither their own nor those of others, on the grounds that it is forbidden by Sharia Law.

In 2011, the Muslim leader Darul Uloom Deoband cautioned Muslims from celebrating birthdays, arguing that Islam does not permit such Western cultural festivals. Consequently, some Muslims, particularly those regarded as orthodox, do not celebrate birthdays at all.

Some Muslims celebrate birthdays in the conventional American fashion, claiming that the Quran does not expressly prohibit this practise. Moreover, according to New Religion, the incorporation of Western culture is not prohibited by the Quran. However, others feel that Islam recommends Muslims against the celebration, as the faith instructs its adherents to celebrate and give thanks every day of the year, as opposed to commemorating the birthday with a party that may be viewed as pagan.

According to the Times of India, the Islamic seminary does not observe the birthday of the prophet Mohammad, despite the fact that this is observed by many Muslims. According to IslamQA, orthodox Muslims likewise prefer not to celebrate the Prophet’s birthday.


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