How Do I Use My LG Tracfone?

Different models and online unlocking services have different LG Tracfone device unlock codes. By dialling Tracfone and asking for an unlock code, it is occasionally possible to obtain unlock codes for LG phones, however this method is only applicable to certain models. Most vendors demand that customers purchase unlock codes, which might be between eight and 16 numbers long.

Users might obtain unlock codes from these businesses with the following examples: 357923123472598, 15918566, and 1234541753991232. These codes can’t be used by just anybody to unlock their LG Tracfone because every unlock code is unique.

Users must first access a hidden menu on their LG Tracfones in order to enter the unlock codes. Entering 2945#*71001# on the phone’s keypad will bring up this menu. Once this menu is opened, users must locate the “Network Provider” option, which can be found in “Settings” under “Menu.”

Once within “Network Provider,” there is an option labelled “Deactivate,” selecting which causes users to enter their unlock codes.

The process for gaining access to the hidden menu on some LG Tracfone handsets is a little bit different. Users need to put in a new SIM card if the aforementioned option does not work. The phone will then request the unlock code after this is finished.


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