How do I make the paint a very dark blue?

By combining the blue paint with the black paint, you can make a dark blue paint. To complete this task requires only a few moments’ worth of time. In addition to a container and a mixing stick, you will need blue paint, black paint, and white paint.

Determine the amount of paint you will require.

Take a look at the space that will be painted in order to ascertain the amount of paint that will be required. Always make sure to estimate the quantity needed to cover the surface more than it actually requires.

The blue paint should be added first.

Because blue is the foundational colour, begin by applying the blue paint. The correct amount should be put into the container.

Blend in some of the black paint.

Make sure the black paint is measured out accurately. To begin, you should only use a very small amount, approximately one part for every 10 parts of blue paint. The two colours should be thoroughly blended together. If the blue is not opaque enough, mix in more black until you achieve the desired shade.

Put on some white paint.

If you add an excessive amount of black paint and end up with a shade of blue that is too dark for your purposes, you can lighten it by mixing in some white paint. It is important to refrain from adding too much white because doing so can cause the paint to become muddy and grey. To sufficiently lighten the colour, gradually add white in decreasing amounts until you reach the desired effect.


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