How do I log into Walmart Wire from the comfort of my own home?

Logging into the MyWalmart website is required in order to gain access to the Wire database from a personal computer at home. MyWalmart provides employees of Wal-Mart with the opportunity to log in to Wire, which enables them to view their work schedule and connect with other colleagues. Wal-Mart One is another option for associates who need to log in.

Associates now have an additional option for accessing the Wire database, which is used to store shift schedules, thanks to WalmartOne. To gain access to the Wal-Mart Wire database via WalmartOne, please follow the instructions that are provided below.

Please enter your user name and password.

On the log-in screen, enter the username and password, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Find the tab labelled “schedule” here.

The tab labelled “Schedule” can be found at the very top of the screen; selecting it will bring up the weekly schedule.

Sign out

Click the “Log Out” button when you are finished using the session to close it.


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