How do I get to the Verizon Benefits Center?

To get to the Verizon benefits centre, go to Current or former Verizon employees who haven’t set up an account should click “Register,” enter their social security number as the user name, and their date of birth in MMDDYYYY format as the password.

Verizon offers its employees benefits like 401(k) savings plans, funds to help people affected by natural disasters, and help with adoption. Workers also get discounts on products and travel incentives like cheaper trips.

A tuition assistance programme lets each employee get up to $8,000 a year to pay for college. The benefits centre tells current or former employees exactly what benefits they are signed up for. Changes can be made to the process of signing up right on the website.

Contact information like an address, phone number, or email address can be changed right from the website. Other information, like your legal name, needs to be changed by calling 1-855-489-2367, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Along with information about benefits, the website has a lot of information about life insurance and pension accounts. Bank information for direct deposit is also linked to these benefits on the website. If the benefits are already being paid out, you can’t change the person who is getting them through the website.


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