How Do I Get the Cider in “Final Fantasy VI”?

In “Final Fantasy VI,” Locke gets the cider in a part of the game called “Locke’s Scenario” that takes place in South Figaro. At this time, how people act toward Locke depends on what he is wearing. The goal is to get out of South Figaro, and to get the cider, you have to avoid a number of obstacles, like soldiers, and beat a number of enemies, like merchants and a green officer.

Avoid imperial soldiers

At this time, it’s likely that Locke can’t beat imperial soldiers, so it’s best to stay away from them.

Enter the store.

Talk to the shopkeeper after you walk in.

Fight against the trader

The shop owner says that Locke is a thief. Fight the merchant and use the steal command to take his clothes and wear them.

Go to the house close by.

After you beat the merchant, head south to the nearby house. Talk to the kid who was standing in your way earlier in the game. Make sure to dress like the merchant. Go north to get to the stairs.

Use the stairs to get to the balcony.

Walk to the balcony’s upper left corner. Talk with the green officer next.

Fight against the green officer.

Use the steal command to take the green officer’s cadet clothes after you beat him.

Visit the bar.

Take the western passage near Chocobo Stable until you reach a soldier blocking your way. Talk to him while dressed as a cadet to get in.

Go to the cellar.

Go to the basement of the pub. Talk to the person selling the goods.

Fight against the trader

When you beat the merchant, you can take his clothes and cider.


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