How do I get a free Sam’s Club one-day pass?

Guests can get a free one-day pass to Sam’s Club to shop and enjoy the “in-club experience.” Passes can be obtained for free online or at a Sam’s Club Membership Desk. Guests will be charged an additional price at checkout that members will not be charged.

Sam’s Club usually gives its members reduced products at rates that are comparable to or somewhat lower than those found at Wal-Mart. Members of Sam’s Club pay an annual membership fee and can buy a lot of things in quantity.

Visit the Sam’s Club website for more information.

Download and print a free one-day pass from the Sam’s Club website.

To register as a guest, go to the Guest Registration page.

Through the “Invitation to Shop” section of the Guest Registration page, you can get a free pass to shop

Become a member of Sam’s Club.

You can avoid paying an extra 10% at checkout if you buy a Sam’s Club membership. A purchase is not required to acquire a free one-day pass, though.

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