How Do I Find a List of My Previous Addresses?

On websites such as and, it is possible to look up old addresses. They are available for free and display prior addresses for each address entry.

The White Pages website allows users to search by first name, last name, and location for no cost. Included are the city, state, and ZIP code. There is also the option to search by phone number. This is not an exact science, and a large portion of it is automated, thus it is conceivable for the same person to have many listings at different addresses. This is one of the major strategies to discover past residences. It is also feasible to claim and change a website entry if you wish to conceal the information.

There are options on the White Pages website for forwarding the information to an external source, downloading it, and printing it. The website also includes a graphic map that pinpoints each place. The Previous Locations section at the bottom of each entry provides access to the entire list. There are more free public information search engines available on Zaba Search. It is possible to link the website to Facebook to make it simpler to locate past addresses at any time.


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