How Do I Change the Number of Square Feet to Cubic Feet?

There is no easy way to change from cubic feet to square feet. Cubic feet measure the amount of space an object takes up in three dimensions. The area is measured in square feet. Using the dimensions from the cube feet calculation, you can figure out how many square feet an object has.

Find the length and the width.

For a typical square or rectangular object, the number of cubic feet is the length times the width times the height. Since you only need length and width to figure out square footage, leave off the height and just write down the length and width of the surface area.

Set up the formula for the area

Change the length and width in the formula to what they really are. For example, if an object is 8 feet tall, 3.5 feet long, and 2 feet wide, the formula is 3.5 times 2.

Find the answer in square feet.

Find the answer you get when you multiply length by width. In this case, 3.5 times 2 equals 7. So, the area of the thing is 7 square feet. The object was 8 feet tall, so its volume was 8 times 7, or 56 cubic feet. But it’s not true that 56 cubic feet always equals 7 square feet. An object that’s 14 feet tall, 2 feet long, and 2 feet wide has the same volume in cubic feet, but its area in square feet is different.


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