How Do I Change the Clock on My Pioneer Car Stereo?

Using a sequence of buttons, you can adjust the clock time on your Pioneer car stereo. The procedure is straightforward and takes only a few minutes to finish.

Find the Source button and click it.

Track down the Source button. Press and hold this button to turn off the car stereo.

Repeatedly press the Source button

Press and hold the Source button a second time until the device switches back on and displays the clock. If there is no Source button on your Pioneer car stereo, press and hold the Function or Audio button instead.

Utilize the arrow keys to select a time period.

Utilize the left and right arrow keys to select the desired time period.

Utilize the up and down arrow keys to adjust the time.
Utilize the up and down arrows to adjust the time to the appropriate setting.

Press the Source button one again to finish the operation.

At the conclusion of the process, press the Source button to complete the modification and save the new configuration.


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