How Do AA Retirees Use JetNet for Travel?

With their AA user ID, American Airlines retirees with travel privileges can register online for Jetnet. The AA user ID is the Contractor Number or Employee Number of the employer. The domain name is

AA Retirees who retired before to July 31, 1996 are eligible for travel privileges if they were 55 or older or had 5 or more years of seniority with American Airlines. Those who retired after July 31, 1996 were required to be at least 55 years old or have 10 or more years of service with American Airlines.

Through the American Airlines website, AA retirees can quickly access the AA Flight Services. Additionally, AA retirees are entitled to a large array of rights and benefits, such as offline ticket requests. The offline ticketing option is reserved for AA retirees who reside more than 150 miles from the airport or are disabled and unable to obtain their own passes. When they call to seek an offline ticket, they must have all the necessary information on hand. The validity of issued tickets is three months.

If AA retirees complete the qualifying requirements and are unmarried, they may register a travel companion. If AA retirees who satisfy qualifying requirements are married, their spouse, dependent children, and company-recognized domestic partner can register for travel privileges.


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