How Did John D. Rockefeller Treat His Workers?

John D. Rockefeller was known for being fair to the people who worked for him. He was known for working in the field with his workers and for being quick to praise them and slow to correct them. He wanted his employees to feel like they were a part of the “Standard Oil Family,” and he wanted everyone to care about the success of the company. So, his workers liked and respected him and worked hard for him.

Rockefeller was known for listening to what his managers had to say, and he pushed for paid vacations because he thought workers needed breaks.

Other historians say that Rockefeller was mean to his workers because he made so much money while they were living on so little. But Rockefeller was a strong believer in giving to others, and before he died, he gave about half of his money to different charities.

People bought Rockefeller’s oil to heat and light their homes, which made him a lot of money. His success comes from the fact that he was creative and worked hard to give his customers the best prices. He came up with new ways to refine oil, which drove the price down from 58 cents per gallon to 8 cents per gallon. As a result, he controlled about 90% of the oil market in the United States.


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