How Can You Track the Location of a Metro PCS Phone?

MetroPCS provides a lost phone finder service via its website and mobile application. In addition, some MetroPCS phones may include extra apps, such as the FindMyiPhone app for Apple iPhones, to assist in locating lost devices.

MetroPCS subscribers who need to locate a misplaced phone can log on to the carrier’s Metro Total Protection website with their phone number and password to locate their phones either by sounding an alarm or by displaying the phone’s location on a map. The Sound Alarm button at the top of the page initiates the audible alert, whilst the Locate Phone button opens the map. If desired, the Locate Phone map can optionally provide turn-by-turn directions to the phone’s location. Additionally, the website may be used to lock the phone and delete its contact information. To utilise these functions, the Metro Total Protection app must be installed on the lost device.

Generally, phones with alternative location functions function similarly to the Metro Total Protection app, albeit they may offer additional functionality. For instance, the FindMyiPhone app enables users to lock their iPhones and display a message with a callback number on the screen, allowing the owner to be contacted if the phone is found.


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