How Can You Replace an Invicta Watch Battery Without a Tool?

You don’t need a tool to change the battery in an Invicta watch. All you need is a clean cloth without lint and a new watch battery. You don’t have to use a tiny screwdriver or tweezers.

Lay the face of the Invicta watch down on the lint-free cloth to keep it from getting scratched. Next, turn the back case cover counterclockwise with your fingers to loosen it. Take the back cover off the back of the watch all the way. Pick up the rubber seal carefully and put it aside. The rubber gasket is the small piece of rubber that is right under the back cover of an Invicta watch. You can use your fingernail or a small screwdriver to get the battery out of the battery compartment. Most of the time, the battery is under a small clip or strap that holds it in place in the battery compartment. Before taking out the battery, move the strap or clip out of the way. Put the new Invicta battery into its holder with your fingernail or tweezers. First, make sure that the strap or clip is not in the way. Make sure that the new battery is facing the same way as the old one. Change the rubber seal. Then put the watch’s back cover back on the watch.


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