How Can You Find Out Your Verizon Rebate Balance?

To check the balance on your Verizon Wireless rebate card, visit the Rebate Center website and click Rebate Card Account to see your account information. Alternately, you can check your balance over the phone by dialling 877-899-8980.

The Rebate Center website also permits rebate submission and tracking. The website does not use your Verizon Wireless account’s login credentials; therefore, you must register a new rebate card account.

You can use a Verizon Wireless rebate card, which is a prepaid debit card, to pay your bill and make purchases at any Visa-accepting location. Verizon offers mail-in rebates for eligible customers who purchase and activate eligible devices. Click My Verizon on the Verizon website, pick My Documents and Receipts, and then select the rebate form you wish to submit. Typically, rebate forms are PDFs that are downloadable.

To pay online, visit the My Bill area of the Verizon website or dial #768 from your phone. To call from a different phone, dial 800-922-0204. Choose Credit when using your rebate card for purchases or bill payments.

The rebate card from Verizon Wireless includes your name, the dollar amount, and the expiration date. Call 866-598-3499 and provide the card’s 16-digit number and your 10-digit mobile number to activate the card.


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