How Can You Email Your Doctor at Kaiser Permanente?

A Kaiser Permanente account and login details are necessary in order to email a doctor at the organisation. Emailing a doctor is done through the message centre after logging in.

Authenticate your Kaiser account.

A username and password must be entered on the main page of to log in.

Please visit My Health Manager.

There are five options available under the heading “My Health Manager,” one of which is “My Message Center.”

Visit the My Message Center.

When “My Message Center” is selected, a selection of email choices, including “E-Mail My Doctor,” appears on the left.

Enter My Doctor’s Email

After clicking “Email My Doctor,” a new page appears where you can click “Email My Doctor” once more.

Keep Emailing My Doctor

A further screen appears, requesting confirmation that emailing a doctor is the best course of action. “Continue to Email My Doctor” option should be clicked.

Select the physician, then compose the message.

All personal doctors are listed in a drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. Pick one, enter the subject in the box for it, and then type your email in the field below. If necessary, add a picture by selecting the browse button. When finished, click “Send” to send the email.


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