How Can I Recover My Previous Homepage?

Your principal place for all of your web browsing should be your homepage. The most well-liked options are a blank page, Google, Yahoo, and Bing (about:blank). Numerous browser extensions or websites can alter your default homepage to one of theirs, frequently without your knowledge. Modern online browsers, fortunately, make it simple to correct.

Launch Settings

Both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have a menu button where you can access their settings (the three lines). Firefox refers to them as Options, while Chrome refers to them as Settings. Click the Apple logo at the top of your screen and select “Preferences” to access the Safari browser from Apple. Internet Explorer 10 from Microsoft uses a gear icon to open the Action menu and locate “Internet Options.”

Discover the homepage’s settings.

Your homepage options are located in Chrome’s Appearance menu, whereas they are in Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer’s General tab.

Make a new homepage

Change the homepage item for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari to the desired homepage. Click Change in Chrome by the “Show Home” button. You can change your homepage by editing the “Open this page:” entry. As an alternative, you can use the Firefox browser to add a tab by dragging it to your Home button.


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