How Can I Get a Catalog of JC Whitney Parts?

According to its website, JC Whitney no longer publishes its renowned mail-order catalogue of automobile parts and accessories. The Jeep and Truck specialised segments’ free electronic catalogues, often known as e-catalogs, are an alternative available on the JC Whitney website.

As of this writing, the Auto, Motorcycle, and Volkswagen catalogues that JC Whitney used to periodically print and send out to subscribers are likewise no longer available.

How to Find the Free E-Catalog from JC Whitney

The JC Whitney website and its electronic catalogues can be accessed by following a few steps. Visit the JC Whitney website first. When you arrive, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Then, find “Get the JC Whitney E-Catalog” and click the “E-Catalog” button next to it. Finally, select the Jeep CJ and Wrangler or Truck e-catalog by clicking the respective option on the page.

The layout of the JC Whitney Jeep and Truck catalogues is unique and mimics the action of leafing through a real-world paper catalogue. Both e-catalogs’ pages have a full-color, magazine-like design.

How to browse the catalogue on the JC Whitney website

On the website, the product pages are sometimes referred to as catalogues. Scroll to the bottom of the company’s homepage to see the website’s featured catalogue section. Choose the method of browsing you choose under “Featured Catalogues,” whether it be by manufacture, part, or brand.

The JC Whitney website’s catalogue area functions similarly to the majority of other e-commerce sites. Visitors who want to purchase any of JC Whitney’s products must visit the product page, add it to their shopping cart, and then complete the transaction.

JC Whitney Catalog: A Classic of the American Garage

Israel Warshawsky, a Lithuanian immigrant who founded a scrapyard on Chicago’s south side in 1915, was the creator of JC Whitney. Warshawsky chose the name “JC Whitney” because he thought it would make him more appealing to Americans. When Warshawsky concentrated on auto parts, especially for the Ford Model T, he had a moderate amount of success.


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