How Can I Find My Coach’s Serial Number?

The simplest approach to verify the authenticity of a Coach product is to either email customer care through the Coach website or call the business directly at 800-444-3611 and speak to a customer service person with the serial number on the product. The item’s authenticity and serial number can be confirmed by the Coach official.

By typing “Coach” and the serial number into a search engine, you can find the serial number of a Coach handbag in another way. If the handbag is real, the Web search returns an image of the bag linked to that specific serial code.

Only authorised department stores, Coach Stores, and Coach Outlet Stores are permitted to sell handbags under the Coach name. A list of accredited Coach merchants may be found on the corporate website.

In the middle of the 1960s, Coach created a leather patch known as a Creed Patch that was sewed onto the interior of its handbags. Midway through the 1970s, the business started adding serial numbers to the purses.


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