How Can I Convert Cubic Feet to Square Feet?

The units of cubic feet and square feet cannot be directly converted. The term “cubic feet” describes an object’s three-dimensional volume. Surface area is described in square feet. Using the dimensions obtained from the cubic feet calculation, it is feasible to calculate the surface area of an object in square feet.

Separate the breadth and length.

For a common square or rectangular item, the formula for cubic feet is length times width times height. Eliminate the height and only record the length and width of the surface area since you only need them for square footage.

Configure the area formula.

Replace the formula with the true length and breadth. The formula is 3.5 x 2 if, for example, the object is 8 feet tall, 3.5 feet long, and 2 feet wide.

Determine the outcome in square feet.

Calculate the outcome of multiplying length by width. In this case, 3.5 x 2 equals 7. The object’s area is 7 square feet as a result. The object’s volume is 8 x 7, or 56 cubic feet, given that its height was 8 feet. Although an object that is 14 feet tall, 2 feet long, and 2 feet wide has the same volume in cubic feet as another object that is 2 feet long and 2 feet wide, it has a different area in square feet, so it is not fair to claim that 56 cubic feet always equals 7 square feet.


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