How Can I Access V23 on the SLDCADA Website?

Employees of NADP who use SLDCADA websites must have a Common Access Card in order to access V23. Prior to entering their hours for payroll, the employee must first log in to the SLDCADA website using their Common Access Card and select the “V23 login” option. You can only access the SLDCADA website using Internet Explorer.

Only direct supervisors can provide information and tailored support for using and accessing the SLDCADA website and V23 area. The command POC and the employees’ supervisor both keep an eye on the system, which is used by the employees to enter their time and attendance.

Supervisors are free to rearrange the workdays of their staff as necessary. A Common Access Card takes two to three weeks to arrive after an employee starts working, during which time supervisors are responsible for managing the individual’s time and attendance.

All new hires are required to keep an eight-hour schedule for one pay period. Before attempting to resolve a problem with the SLDCADA website or the V23 link on his own, an employee should speak with his supervisor. The employee must speak with his regional POC if the supervisor is unable to resolve the situation.

The only purpose of this system is to track time and attendance. The employee should update his tax details and personal data in the “MyPay” system, with his supervisor certifying the changes.


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