How Can a Health O Meter Scale Be Reset?

Hold down the lower right edge of a Health o metre digital scale until it reads “0.0” to reset the scale. Every time a Health o Meter scale is moved, before each weigh-in, or whenever the scale shows “E,” it should be reset.

Select pounds or kilos on your scale.

You may toggle between showing weights in pounds and kilogrammes on the scale by swiping the selector switch on the back of the device.

Place the scale on a stable, level surface.

Place the scale on a stable, firm surface such a flat piece of wood, tile, or laminate flooring. Avoid soft, carpeted or uneven surfaces since they could impair the accuracy of the outcome.

Press down the scale’s lower edge quickly.

Tap the scale’s front lower edge firmly and quickly before each weigh-in. The scale is reset and ready for usage when it reads “0.0.”

If the reset is unsuccessful, repeat the steps.

After standing on the scale, if the display now reads “E,” it might be necessary to repeat the reset process. In the event that “LO” appears on the scale display rather than “0.0” or “E,” change the battery before calibrating the scale.


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