How Are Levolor Blinds Taken Down?

Pull the Levolor blinds all the way up, grip the head, and push back while angling down to remove them. As you draw forward once again, the front and back of the blind header should emerge. Additionally, some blinds could have two tongue brackets that must be pushed back in order to release the blind from its attachment to the bottom back of the header.

Mini-blinds are made by Levolor in a variety of designs, the most of which are about an inch thick. They are available in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and spring shades, which offer more comprehensive coverage than a set of blinds. Almost all Levolor blinds are taken down in the same manner.

Open the blinds.

The shades should be pulled up or moved to the side out of the way. Vertical hanging blinds may also need to be taken down one at a time.

Reverse the header.

With both hands, seize the blind header. The header should be pushed back while being softly tilted downward at the back. By doing this, the header’s back should be able to slide out from under its bracket. Some blinds further employ outside brackets or a universal mount with a tongue on the bracket that must be manually pushed back in order to slide the header out of its position.

Move up on the header.

To remove the front of the header from the front of the bracket, pull the blind header slightly forward.


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