How Are Birthdays Celebrated in India?

Birthdays are celebrated by Indians with new clothing, celebrations, and dancing. Children with birthdays wear brand-new clothing and accessories, such as bracelets and necklaces, to school.

On the morning of their birthdays, Indian children accompany their parents to a shrine to be blessed. Then, according to the Caravan, the birthday children are given the uncommon opportunity to wear new, colourful clothing to school instead of the standard uniform. In addition, they distribute sweets to everyone in the school with the assistance of a special buddy.

At home, the festivities are even more extravagant. According to, there are large dinner parties with catered and traditional Indian food for both children and adults. Biryani, which is a spicy fried rice dish with sauce, lamb or chicken, curry, chutney, and numerous vegetable dishes, is one of the most popular foods. Dudh pak, or rice pudding, is offered for dessert with a variety of fruits and nuts. Occasionally, these gatherings include all-night dancing. For youngsters, partygoers frequently burst a balloon filled with confetti so that it rains down onto them.

The Times of India writes that adults frequently celebrate their birthdays with friends at bars, where they eat, dance, and drink as the bartenders prepare a special drink for them.


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