Government Records-How Can I Look up a Physician’s DEA Number?

Although the DEA does not reveal information such as a doctor’s DEA number, it is possible to check a physician’s DEA licence and receive more pertinent information.

Significance of a DEA Number

The DEA number of a physician allows him or her to legally prescribe or distribute restricted medications. Prescriptions for non-controlled substances, such as antibiotics and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines), do not require a DEA number. Because the DEA is entrusted with tracking the prescribing, use, and activities of any restricted substance, DEA numbers enable physicians to legally prescribe controlled substances to patients. The DEA will then monitor a physician’s prescribing procedures, how frequently specific medications are provided, who they are supplied to, and other pertinent information to guarantee that no fraudulent or illegal prescriptions are given out or purchased in a doctor’s office.

Is It Possible to Locate a Doctor’s DEA Number?

There are numerous reasons why someone may wish to seek up a doctor’s DEA number. If an individual is visiting a new physician, he or she may wish to ensure that the physician is able to prescribe the correct prescription or verify the validity of the physician’s practise. Unfortunately, the DEA does not provide DEA numbers or permit individuals to seek up the DEA numbers of physicians.

Since there is no means to check up a specific physician’s DEA number, those who wish to verify a physician’s DEA licence must utilise alternative methods. The DEA licence of the physician can be verified with the state medical board. To accomplish this, the individual must first determine which state issued the physician’s licence and where the physician’s primary practise is located. Once this information is known, a person can contact the state’s medical board to obtain information about a licenced physician. This may involve filling out paperwork with information such as the doctor’s first and surname name, the state in which his or her office is located, and the location of the practise, among other details. A person can acquire verification of a physician’s DEA status by submitting this request.

Additionally, the Federation of State Medical Boards maintains a directory containing contact information for each state’s medical board. On the Federation of State Medical Boards’ website, there are also electronic request forms that can be filled out online or printed and mailed in. The completion of this form to request a physician profile incurs a cost. After submitting the form, the requesting party will receive a physician’s profile that may contain information such as the physician’s DEA number or the status of the physician’s DEA licence.

Consulting a Doctor or Examining a Prescription

If someone wants to seek for a physician’s DEA number but does not want to fill out the documents required to verify the physician’s DEA licence, he or she can always ask the physician. In addition, if a person is already seeing a particular doctor and receiving prescriptions from him or her, and if those prescriptions are for controlled substances, the doctor is required by law to write his or her DEA number on each prescription, indicating to the pharmacist that the doctor is qualified to write such prescriptions.


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