There has been great news now that the stadia controller USB C port is no longer just for charging.

In the blog post, recently Google has announced that Jack is quite so portable to support USB C headphones while also playing on the Chromecast or via the web browser.

It works in the form of the small and well-built unit. It adds to the early adopters as well the controller it is already having, the 3.5 mm jack works great.

But the problem is that the removal of the same port in the tablets and the phones means that there is a growing number of people who are building their trust in purchasing the USB C bud.

Just like the Google pixel USB-c earbuds, the Razer Hammerhead USB C headphones, as well as one plus type C bullets are also popping up.

Besides, The Verge notes also state that there are a lot of gaming headsets that usually come with a USB C adaptor for the wireless connection.

Credit: The Verge

Some people have also tried the Hammerhead USB-c headphones and have stated that they work fine. The stadia controller is supportive of the Bluetooth audio but Google has made its confirmation that it will be offering the support eventually within some days.

Stadia was also facing criticism for the lack of the basic features at launch. But, Google has been slowly adding the list over the last year.

It still isn’t feeling complete but there is support for the USB C audio that is working as the latest step towards making the platform become the alternative to the console and local PC hardware.

Google stadia controller has been also trending for the USB-c audio devices. Whenever it is playing on the Chromecast or with the help of the web browser, then it will be giving the easy way for the addition of the headphones and the microphone.

With it, you can simply plug the set of the wired USB earbuds like the Google Pixel, USB-c earbuds, gaming headset, as well as the Asus Rog delta.

It also considers the wireless SteelSeries arctis one gaming headset that comes with the wireless USB C adaptor.

There is good news that Stadia players are already having another audio option that is beyond the built-in 3.5 mm jack already set in the device.

It becomes of unusual and cool type of game controller setup for offering the USB C audio. Look wise, it is quite similar to the previous model. Now, it is coming up with promising features.

The Scenario Till Now

Till now, you could only see how using the controller USB C port could work for charging the controller or plugging it into the smartphone on the computer.

It was everything easy with USB C cable effect for the longest time after the launch which only predominantly became the way for using it with the phone on the computer.

The evidence is available with the Google selling $169 wireless controller that wasn’t the wireless unit unless you chose it to function it for playing on the Chromecast Ultra.

After nearly seven months after the launch by Google added support for the phone in May and June, it started proving itself. It also took around a month after launch

Credit: The Verge

. Android Google started releasing the long Mount that could give its offer in terms of attachment of the stadia controller to the phone so that you can easily play with it the stadia games.

Google has been also promising that support for the Bluetooth audio would be coming to the controller. But it is not still evident regarding that when the option will arrive.

At least when it comes to the new Chromecast by Google, the company is giving its best for keeping up the promises.

However, Google has mentioned that it won’t be supporting stadia until the first half of the next year’s launch.

Final Word

People are just keeping their hopes regarding Google’s promise related to the support for the audio coming to the controller.

But, there has been still many speculations regarding the topic and people have no proper idea about how and when the option will be arriving.

There are USB C headphones supports that are coming in the form of the stable Idea. According to some users, receiving the stadia controller proved to be the best.

The update was given in the past week just after turning the accessory on. There are gaming headsets that are using USB c and are becoming more common these days for opening up the port on the Stadia controller for opening up more possibilities.

Besides that, it is the only way for giving the wireless audio output presuming that the transmitter will be playing in the USB c.

Of course, many people find that it would be better in case there was a direct connection of Bluetooth audio support for the growing number of wireless Bluetooth headsets in the market.

However, fulfilling the promise will be taking a lot of time.


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