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First Watch Breakfast Hours’s mission is, first and foremost, to feed its customers delicious, freshly prepared breakfasts. Anybody who values access to healthy, nutritious food will find First Watch to be a veritable heaven. If you’ve ever eaten anything they’ve made, you know they put a premium on using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

Who doesn’t want to consume food that has just been prepared? First Watch, with roots in Florida, is a well-known American restaurant company known for its use of fresh foods across the board.

Smoked salmon, eggs benedict, Avocado Toast, farm stand breakfast tacos, pancakes, and fresh juices are just some of the amazing classic breakfast items that are produced and served here.

First Watch, which opened its doors in 1983, now has close to 300 stores throughout 26 states.

2022’s first breakfast shift on the First Watch

One of the things that sets this eatery apart is the length of time it dedicates to serving breakfast. Every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., they serve breakfast.

An ideal dining moment has arrived. Since some people would rather enjoy brunch on a weekend, they now have the option to do so.

During the First Watch breakfast hours, you can:

All First Watch locations adhere to a uniform breakfast schedule. The hours are 7 AM – 1:30 PM.

Breakfast at First Watch

Customers can get breakfast here for six or seven consecutive hours, starting at seven in the morning and going all the way until two thirty in the afternoon.

First watch during breakfast

From 7 AM to 2:30 PM daily, first watch eateries serve breakfast.

Breakfast at First Watch in the Morning

The first watch breakfast menu has a wide range of options. When you dine in or place an order from this restaurant, you can count on receiving the freshest, healthiest food possible.

Breakfast options and prices from First Watch

This is a price list and sample menu of what they have to offer.

You can plan ahead and enjoy the things you can afford by viewing the items and their associated prices.

Menu itemPrice
French Toast$9.79
Blueberry Pancakes$4.99
Avocado Toast$9.99
Steel-Cut Oatmeal$7.99
Eggs Benedict$10.99
Chicken Avocado Chop$9.79
Baja Turkey Burger$9.69
Chicken Salad Melt$9.89
Veggie Burger$9.69
Market Veggie Market Veggie$9.19
Skillet Hash Parma$10.99
Eggs Benedict Classic$10.99

We suggest checking out their site for a full catalogue of offerings.

You can pair any of these foods with any of several beverages, including

  • cold brew
  • The phrase “hot chocolate”
  • grapefruit
  • tea made from herbs
  • Partial salad

You are free to use them how you see fit.

This eatery also provides a variety of appetisers, including but not limited to

  • Cured and smoked pork
  • delicious potatoes with a flavorful seasoning
  • biscuits
  • Muffins
  • Pork sausages and similar items.

Indulging in these foods is a wonderful experience. However, the stock status of some items may vary by location.

Breakfast is served all day long at First Watch.

It’s not like the Breakfast Hours on First Watch all day long. Between the hours of 7:00 AM and 2:30 PM, breakfast is allowed. If you come to the restaurant at this time, you will be able to order everything that is classified as breakfast.

Saturday mornings at first light, breakfast time

Every Saturday, from 7 AM until 2:30 PM, the first watch is open.

The Sunday morning “First Watch” breakfast time

The restaurant’s Sunday hours are 7 AM to 2:30 PM. That leisurely Sunday brunch can begin now.

Weekend mornings at First Watch mean breakfast.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the restaurant is open for business as usual, from 7 AM to 2:30 PM.

Breakf*ast at the first watch

The breakfast menu is available until 2:30 in the afternoon on the first watch. This eatery serves both breakfast and lunch, so you may save time and money by eating there both mornings.

Closest First Watch to Me

You can find the First Watch restaurant closest to you by visiting their website and clicking on the map icon in the top left corner of the webpage. If you click on the link, you will be taken to the location search page where you can access the data.

Coupons for First Watch

Attractive discounts, such as

  • Offer valid for a free item with the purchase of another.
  • Prices for omelettes and frittatas begin at $8.99.
  • There are juice bars with fresh juice for only $3.99.
  • Bowls with power cost as little as $8.79
  • Costs as low as $1.29 for slides and small plates.
  • Gluten-free diet instruction manual

It’s in your best interest to buy these coupons so you can take advantage of the discounts.

24/7 First Watch Breakfast Service

Breakfast is not available throughout the clock at First Watch. You can eat breakfast and lunch at the restaurant if you go between 7 AM and 2:30 PM.

First Watch’s contact information for customers

You can reach them at (941) 907-9800 if you have any questions or concerns. During business hours, you can reach them at this number on your cell phone or landline.

The final days of First Watch

First watch is open every other holiday but Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving Day.

Statements of Concluding Nature

Have you heard that First Watch has a department dedicated to serving healthy breakfast options? For those who are health-conscious in the morning, First Watch does provide some nutritious options including avocado toast, healthy turkey, dawn granola bowl, steel-cut oats, power wrap, etc. These alternatives ensure that you won’t have to go without a meal at this establishment.

You can enjoy these things from their First Watch Breakfast Hours menu without feeling guilty if you are health conscious.


When does First Watch begin accepting customers?

Except for certain holidays, it is open every day from 7 am to 2:30 pm. If you are a working person and do not have time to cook breakfast, you can just visit the restaurant or place an order for breakfast from first watch.

When does breakfast service end at First Watch?

In the First Watch, breakfast service ends at 2.30pm daily.

When does First Watch serve breakfast?

Breakfast is served for a lengthy period of time (from 7 AM to 2:30 PM).

What hours do First Watch start serving breakfast?

It starts serving in the early morning from 7 am.

What foods are on the First Watch breakfast menu?

First Watch’s breakfast menu is packed with nutritious and delicious options like avocado toast, healthy turkey, tri-athlete eggs, and dawn granola bowls.


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