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Finance Write for us – Are you looking for an opportunity to be a guest post contributor on a website that is well known in the field of Finance Niche?

Then you are in the right place, we here find immense pleasure in providing you the opportunity to work as a contributor for us.

Finance Write for us submissions:

Not only working with us will provide you with a lot of opportunities for your individual self, you will also gain a great experience while working with one of the best websites online in the Finance Niche.

We do not believe in providing any compensation for being a guest contributor at our website but of course, you will get perks when working for a website like ours which is one of the most popular websites or blogs in this field of Finance Niche.

We also do not believe in providing any restrictions or deadlines so you have complete flexibility for yourself and your work.

Finance Write for us – Qualities in a Blogger That Will Make a Finance Guest Blog Worthy of Acceptance:

Following are the few qualities that we look for in a blogger who is willing to write an article for us and wants to publish a guest post on our website:

1. Willingness to grow into a better version of self

If you want to be a finance blog guest blogger or contributor at our site you need to be very willing to become a better version of yourself by grooming your abilities every day.

With you growing the posts and articles you write will grow and get better too. This will be a Quality in a contributor we will surely seek.

2. Good Judgment Is Another Appreciated Quality:

A writer in today’s era and to be specific a blog writer should know very well to judge what to write and what not to.

The wisdom in your words and greater judgment quality in your articles and posts will be appreciated by us when an article is sent our way.

Being a wise and calculative writer will not only help you grow personally but with you our readers and our website too.

3. Enthusiastic Approach Towards Writing

Yes whether you are a writer in any other niche with blogs covering fields like Fashion and lifestyle etc. or in our case the Finance blog, your writings should reflect your enthusiasm through them.

An enthusiastic write up not only inspires the readers to follow you and the lead you give but also makes them come back for more.

So be a writer and show people how your work can turn their life upside down by just reading the enthusiasm and knowledge out of it.

4. Be Able to Maintain SEO:

You should be very well aware of SEO services i.e., the Search Engine Optimization Services. Once you get into online content creation and writing like blogs etc.

You should be well prepared on the main aspect of online platforms and how to use them in your favor.

Having better Search Engine Optimization skills will both bring quality and audience for your content.

5. Consistency in a Writer Is a Key:

Although we’re looking for guest posts we will not really disregard people who want to contribute to our website on a regular basis.

To be a contributor on our website on a regular basis the writer should have consistency in their writing and they should be consistent with their work.

A consistent writer, providing information on better financing will be preferred over one who is not consistent.

We at our blog believe to share information on a daily basis with our readers. We want a writer who can follow the footsteps.

6. Being Broad-minded Is an Appreciated Quality:

Once you enter into the online world as a writer, you have the power to influence your readers. You should be able to be very open and broad minded.

You should know that our website is exposed to an audience from all around the world and your content should be in accordance with everyone’s preference at a level people can accept you and the knowledge you provide.

Our website has gained a great reputation in the niche of finance and we will not want your narrow mindedness to lower our ascending graph.

7. Being Able to Convey What You Know:

Just writing down every piece of information you know is not how one can influence a lot of the audience.

Your strong point should not be only the information you have to provide you should be very strong with the infrastructure of conveying what you want to convey to the readers in the niche.

We at our website believe in being able to convey every bit of information we have to our audience, this provides us with both organic traffic and a faithful lot of readers.

Every guest post or contributor post targeting that will be preferred to be published on our website.

8. Excellent Research Skills:

Working in the field of the online writing you would be by now aware of the fact that what kind of research goes into producing an article that is read worthy.

Just putting down information on the internet is not how your work is preferred by the audience.

Your work is preferred with the amount of research that went into it, the quality of work you are providing to the audience.

At our website covering the finance niche, you should provide accurate data with a lot of research that has gone into it.

9. Better Communication Skills:

Have you ever been in a conversation?

A conversation where you just want to run away from the person talking to you and the reason behind it being the worst communication skills the person possesses?

Well, something similar goes on when a reader starts reading an article.

A reader wants to communicate with you. What happens when you like every communication skill to keep the reader bound and enthusiastic about the post you have shared?

Of course, the post will not be loved even though it is totally informative!

So make sure to groom your communication skills for binding readers to your work! And also if our site is where you want your post to be published.

10. Your Creativity Graph Should Be Ascending:

How do you like mundane work or a mundane day for yourself? Of course it’s boring! So you need something quirky and something creative to be a part of your life too right?!

So why do you think one should lack creativity in the work they present?!

The work we give preference to and will likely be published as a guest post on our website is a work having high creative content and innovative quirks lacing it.

This will benefit both our website and your own individuality.

11. You Should Have Individuality:

What makes you unique is nothing but your individual personality and that personality reflecting in every work you do.

We have built our website on the basis of trusting our individuality.

We trusted ourselves and built this website to be a part of one of the most preferred finance blogs all over the globe.

We will always like for the people who write for us to believe in themselves and their own individual quirk to make their content unique and the work they will provide worthy of attention.

The work that will stand out to be individual and standalone when it comes down into our mailbox, will be published and will be given room for at our website.

Guidelines You Need to Strictly Follow for Your Work Being Published on Our Website:

  • We have a particular niche and that is the finance niche. You should be very well aware that no other kind of content or post covering other fields will be entertained on our website. They will be discarded without any second thought.
  • This shouldn’t be any surprise that the work that will be accepted and be preferred for being published on our website should be 100% unique and plagiarism free.
  • You also need to make sure that once you have provided us an article and it has been published on our website we do not allow you to publish that same article or post on any other website on the internet be it yours or any other website.
  • You should concentrate on this point a lot more than you think you should because once you are sending in a contributor post, your post will belong to our website with your permission you cannot revoke the rights we have on that post until or unless we want to take it down.
  • Posts that are more inclined towards commercialization will not be preferred by us. We do not believe in promoting or commercing through any contributor post.
  • When you are sending in a guest post you should always ensure that the topic you have selected for your post should not already be posted on our website.
  • The content that you are providing us can come with videos and images related to what you have sent us. To ensure them not being plagiarized is completely. The more original photos and videos the more well it is.
  • When you send in a guest post for our website you are giving us the rights to edit it as we like and deem fit for our website. We will edit it as we like and will not be subject to any answering for it.

Finance Write for us – How to Submit the Post to Us?

  • You can send in your post via email or a link to your Google docs to us.
  • The post you send us should be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or it can be a Google docs or it can be in the form of a word docs.

The Preferred Format for the Blog You Want to Provide:

  • Articles sent to us should be written in a very easy and flowy format. A niche like ours i.e., the finance niche is already a lot based on a lot of information. The easier it is to read, the more audience it attracts. We love writing that is clear and easy to read.
  • Some of the points that can help make the read easier and reader friendly are:
  • You can change paragraphs after two to three lines of a paragraph completed.
  • There is no need for any of the words that the article can do without, so try to avoid them.
  • A structured content that is pleasant to both the eyes and the brain consist of headings and subheadings. You need to make sure to put some in.
  • Text can be made more watery and an easy read by using some bullet points etc.
  • Next you need to make sure that the article you are providing to us should not be plagiarized. It should have at least 90% unique content for it to clarify and be published on our website.
  • Research well before submitting your article and make sure to refer wherever necessary and to avoid any copyright infringement. If the article in any coming future shows that it is plagiarized or has any copyrighted content, the website will not be responsible for it and your article will have to go down.

Few Important Points:

  • A few things that we want you to be aware of are that we have a very great and high source of incoming guest posts every day. Due to this higher number of incoming contributor posts regularly, our team has to take a lot of days to go through them and find out the best. If you do not get any feedback after sending in your guest post please be patient and wait because we usually take around 4 to 5 days to revert back.
  • The posts that are reverted back on are mostly ones which are chosen or ones which can be chosen with some of the edit that we want to go through with it. We do not in any case reply to every guest post coming our way, as we have quite a lot on our plates.

Finance Write for us submissions: