Fetchtv.com.au/activate | How to Activate?

Fetchtv.com.au/activate – To activate your Fetch TV box, please visit fetchtv.com.au/activate and enter the code displayed on your Smart TV’s screen. Then, add extra boxes by visiting www.fetchtv.com.au/account.

  • By maintaining a distance of 5 centimetres around the Fetch box, ventilation is ensured.
  • The remote can be used up to 6 metres away from the Fetch unit. When cleaning the Fetch box, make sure it is unplugged from the power source.
  • When cleaning, use just a dry cloth and absolutely no water or cleaning solutions.
  • Your best bet could be to stay away from the Fetch box. However, doing so may severely injure you and render your guarantee null and void.

Where do I insert my Fetch ID or Activation Code?

Here’s how to get your Fetch box up and running:

  • First, visit fetch.com.au/activate to get your Activation code.
  • To add a second or third box to your account and receive an activation code, visit fetch.com.au/account.
  • After that, go to your account’s “Settings.” The option to “Add & Remove Fetch Box” can be found.
  • You’ll be able to get your Activation Code via email or text message.
  • You can access your Activation code at any time by signing in with the email address and password you entered during signup at fetch.com.au/account.
  • Click “Add & Remove Fetch Box” under “Account Settings” to view the unique activation key for each box associated with your account.
  • Following initial setup of your Fetch box, you may retrieve the Activation Code by selecting Menu > Manage > Settings > User Preferences > Activation Code or Settings > Device Info > Options.
  • Activation codes are protected by PINs, which you must input in order to access them.

In order to watch Fetch TV, you must first activate it on your device.

  • To activate your Fetch TV service, please visit fetchtv.com.au.
  • Choose the first option, Get Started.
  • The next step is for you to fill out your account details.
  • To begin, choose a plan.
  • To make a payment, please fill out the details below.
  • Double-check your details.
  • Just enter your Fetch ID/Activation code below.
  • How to get your hands on the Fetch activation key.
  • If you ordered Fetch via Optus, you should have received an activation code via text message or email; alternatively, you can find the code in the My Optus app or the Fetch box.

Please note that if you purchased multiple Fetch boxes from an Optus store, you will need to activate each one individually.

  • Mail-order “fetch boxes” are made available after a customer registers their interest.

Turn on Fetch for my Optus mobile app.

  • The My Optus app is where you need to be right now.
  • Select the icon in the upper left hand corner.
  • Choose one of the Fetch options.
  • It’s time to get out the Fetch activity card and get to work.
  • If you have more than one Fetch set-top box, use the option to narrow your view to just those devices.
  • The Fetch activation code, channel pack contents, and Fetch serial number will all be shown.

Take out the trash | Fetchtv.com.au/activate

  • Use the Fetch remote’s Menu option.
  • Select Settings from the Manage menu’s submenu.
  • Select Options > Device Info > Activation Code > Fetch ID > Show Code.
  • If you are a parent or guardian, please enter your PIN.

For Fetch TV activation, go to www.fetchtv.com.au/activate.

  • To activate your first Fetch TV box, please visit www.fetchtv.com.au/activate.
  • The easiest way to activate more boxes is by visiting www.fetchtv.com.au/account and adding them to your account.
  • The Fetch Mini needs to be placed on a level surface.
  • Avoid placing it on top of anything that generates a lot of heat or vibration.
  • The Fetch Mini needs at least 5 cm of space around it for ventilation.
  • Up to 6 metres is the range at which the remote control will operate the Fetch Mini.
  • To clean the Fetch Mini, first disconnect it from power.
  • If you want to clean it up, a dry cloth is your best bet; no water or cleaning solutions should be used.
  • You should not attempt to disassemble the Fetch Mini, as doing so could endanger you and invalidate your warranty.
  • This product is intended for for use with an AC power source ranging from 100V-240V at 50Hz.
  • Only use the specified power source.
  • Keep the Fetch Mini out of the reach of children and pets, and away from any liquids.
  • If you’re having trouble with your Fetch Mini, please visit www.fetchtv.com.au/account.

How does this work, exactly? | Fetchtv.com.au/activate

  • It was in July of 2014 that Fetch set-top boxes first appeared in a number of stores.
  • Fetch is available for subscription at fetch.com.
  • After you’ve finished installing your set-top box, go to au/activate.
  • A Fetch activation key will be provided to you after that.
  • You’ll then receive an activation code from Fetch.
  • All data utilised by retail Fetch services will be measured by Internode.

Making Stan function with my Fetch TV

  • Stan is accessible on second-generation and later models of Fetch TV.
  • Stan can be accessed from the Fetch TV Home Screen by selecting it from the Apps menu.
  • Make sure that your Internet connection settings on fetchtv.com.au/activate are accurate.
  • If you need help setting up your Fetch TV, check out the Get Started Guide on fetchtv.com.au.
  • After the third generation of Fetch TV, users can watch sports and live contests.
  • In that case, what do you have to lose by trying? If you’re interested in trying out all of the features without making any long-term commitments, sign up for the free trial today.
  • Click the “No – Contact Stan” button below to get in touch with us, and we’ll get back to you within 15 minutes on weekdays between 8 AM and Midnight AEST.


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